Oncotype DX Recurrence Scores Similar in U.S. and Asia Pacific

Oncotype DX Recurrence Scores Similar in U.S. and Asia Pacific

Results of the Oncotype DX® breast cancer test are similar among patients in the U.S. and Asia Pacific, suggesting that the test may help guide breast cancer treatment decisions in both regions. These results were presented at the 6th Annual Conference of the Organisation for Oncology and Translational Research (OOTR).

Oncotype DX is a genomic test that has been shown to predict the likelihood of distant cancer recurrence and the likelihood of chemotherapy benefit in women with early-stage, estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer that is treated with hormonal therapy. The test evaluates the activity of 21 genes from a sample of the patients cancer to determine the patients Recurrence Score. The higher the Recurrence Score, the higher the risk of cancer recurrence. Oncotype DX has been added to U.S. medical guidelines for early-stage breast cancer.

To compare Recurrence Score results in the U.S. and Asia Pacific countries, researchers evaluated tumor samples from 546 patients in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, India, Australia, and New Zealand, and from more than 110,000 patients in the U.S.

Recurrence Score results were similar in the two regions, with slightly more than half the patients falling into the low Recurrence Score group:

These results, along with those of a previous validation study conducted in Japan, suggest that the Oncotype DX breast cancer test may help guide breast cancer treatment decisions among patients in Asia Pacific countries, similar to what has been observed in the United States.

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