• Bloodflow ProblemsBruising and BleedingBlood ClotsSuperior Vena Cava Syndrome
  • Blood Test AbnormalitiesElectrolyte ImbalanceHypercalcemiaTumor Lysis Syndrome
  • Cold or Flu IllnessCommon ColdCoughFlu-like Syndromes
  • Gastrointestinal ComplicationsAbdominal PainsConstipationDiarrheaHeartburn
  • SwellingLymphedemaWater Retention
  • Sexual issuesImpotenceVaginal Dryness
  • Mental/Emotional ProblemsAnxietyForgetfulnessPost-traumatic Stress
  • Nervous System ProblemsConfusion/DeliriumDizzinessNumbness and TinglingSeizures
  • Nutritional IssuesDry MouthPoor AppetiteTaste Changes
  • Weight ChangesWeight GainWeight Loss
  • Organ ProblemsAllergic ReactionBladderBone PainEyesEars/HearingHeartKidneyLiverLung
  • Skin ReactionsDry SkinFlushingHand-foot SyndromeHyperpigmentationInjection Site ReactionItchingPhotosensitivityRadiation RecallRash

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