Can anyone share their experience with cold cap to prevent hair loss? I have learned that i can purchase a Paxman Personal Cap Kit which includes the silicone cap and all accessories needed for a scalp cooling treatment at a cost of $500. Additionally, chemo cycles 1 through 4 cost $200 per cycle. Cycles 5 and 6 are $150 per cycle. Cycles 7 through 12 are $100 per cycle. Total expenses are capped at $2,200. Paxman is currently not covered by insurance?

Caps are sized to the individual patient and during the chemotherapy treatment, carefully trained staff members will administer the use of the cap which requires . an additional 30 minutes prior and 90 minutes post-treatment.

“Tolerance of the cold feeling experienced while having scalp cooling varies widely from person to person; individuals initially experience discomfort or pain from the cold in the first 10 to 15 minutes of treatment. This is transient and is likely to go away as you get used to the cold.

Moderate hair may occur but that this system has achieved wide success around the world. For instance, some studies have noted a 80-90% success rate after use of the cold cap system in breast cancer patients, with only a small percentage facing severe hair loss requiring wigs.


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