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Proud Purpose: Q & A with Joan Lunden About Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Women magazine interview with Joan Lunden about her breast cancer.

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Depression and Cancer Commonly Occurs. Its Treatable and is Often Neglected

Understand who is at risk for depression, how its detected and how best to manage depression with cancer.

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Taking Care of You - Effects of Caregiving on Health and Well-being

Tips on how to be an effective caregiver and avoid caregiver burnout.

Cancer survivors face fear of recurrence, ongoing side effects from treatment, emotional distress, and ongoing financial issues. Facing these challenges at a time when family and friends might assume that the most difficult stage of the journey has been completed can leave survivors feeling misunderstood and guilty for continuing to struggle at a time when they are expected to thrive. Every patient should have a survivorship care plan summarizing their history to help them and their providers bridge the gap between active treatment and long-term recovery. Access to resources covering the transition from active treatment to recovery including surveillance for cancer recurrence, support for late side effects of treatment, risk reduction and screening for second cancers, and psychosocial, and financial support are the critical for successful survivorship.