Women&Cancer Magazine Features Paula Zahn on Spring 2008 Cover

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March 17, 2008

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Diana Price


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March 17, 2008-Zahn Appears on Women&Cancer cover, Spring 2008

News anchor and cancer advocate Paula Zahn knows what it means to watch a loved one confront a cancer diagnosis. In fact, in the space of 14 months when Paula was 29 years old, her immediate family managed four active cases of cancer; of those four, which included her mother, her father, her sister-in-law and her aunt, only her mother would survive. I think any of us who have been exposed to cancer in our families share a strong bond, Paula says. The veteran reporter and media personality shares details of her own experience and of her role as an impassioned cancer advocate in an inspiring interview.

Other important topics covered in the spring issue include a special section devoted to skin cancer (screening, treatment, and advocacy), breaking news from the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, an in-depth feature devoted to advances in brain tumor treatment, and a look at the role of integrative medicine in cancer care.

As always, the magazine also includes articles that span wellness, spiritual, and family issues related to a cancer diagnosis, highlighted in this issue by articles about post-mastectomy fashion, caregiving concerns, nutritional support, head covering options for women experiencing hair loss, and many more.


Women&Cancer is a quarterly womens health and lifestyle magazine that recognizes women are the main healthcare decision makers for themselves and their families. All women are impacted by cancer, whether they are concerned about screening and early detection, nutrition, environmental and genetic risk factors for themselves and their families, or are impacted by an actual diagnosis of cancer. Women want and need information on the wellness, prevention, diagnosis and management issues related to cancer, as well as inspirational and informative articles about support services that address the mind, body, and spirit of the individual. Women&Cancer offers all women a trusted resource dedicated to topics related to the prevention and management of cancer while emphasizing wellness, fostering community, and inspiring hope.

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