Sarcoma Centers Provide The Best Treatment

Certain centers specializing in treating sarcomas offer better access to clinical trials and doctors with expertise.

Medically reviewed by Dr. C.H. Weaver M.D. Medical Editor 4/2019

Because sarcomas are uncommon it is important to find physicians who have experience with this disease. In the United States there are several locations that have physicians and teams dedicated to advancing the treatment of sarcoma. Patients with sarcoma should at least consider getting a second opinion at one of these centers. Click here to learn more about second opinions.

North Carolina

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Specialized sarcoma treatment programs should be considered by all sarcoma patients. These uncommon cancers simply arent seen enough by most oncologists and specialized programs offer better access to treatment and clinical trials. My son was seen at the Huntsman Cancer Center in SLC Utah and the treatment offered was very different than that available locally. We put together a list to help sarcoma patients know where to get a second opinion.