Recently while waiting at CTCA Chicago for our ride to the airport I read an article by author Laurie Wertich titled “Living with cancer”.
I’m looking for an online version of that article to share with others.

Maybe its been going through another long midwestern winter and fighting some of my side effects from treatments, but I think I have been suffering with depression and uncertainty of the future that cancer can cause.

The hardest part of going through times like these is that I am also married and I can also drag my wife into this rut right along with me and it’s not fair to her. She is my rock, she only wants the best for me, and is my #1 care giver.

The article about Joe and Shelly Mills life with cancer struck a nerve with me and maybe turn on a light switch that I didn’t see on the wall.

Cancer diagnosis and treatments are much different today than just 10 years ago but for decades the word cancer many times means a death sentence in your mind.

Joe is a patient who is living and has chosen to live well through “fully engaging” in life and not letting cancer get in the way.

The new term to be embraced in cancers in “chronic” not just curable or incurable. Treatments extend life today much more than before.

This shift in thinking is remembering that not long ago illnesses like AIDS, hepatitis C, hypertension and diabetes were also once thought of as also terminal.

So maybe we can think of our fight fight as “treatable” thanks to all the developments in cancer treatments.

Thank you Laurie for the wonder message you gave me in this article. My wife deserves as much if not more hope for OUR future and it could be up to me to help ensure WE live our lives with that hope.

I hope someone can find that on line article for me and others.

John (and Becky)from Iowa

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Was this article published in Cancer Fighters Thrive Magazine?

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