I had IPMN and 30% of my pancreas resected Pathology of the cyst(post


I had IPMN and 30% of my pancreas resected Pathology of the cyst(post op) identified a .2cm
invasive colloid carcinoma. Chemo
Or no chemo!! t1ano stage. all I read is confusing.Many reputable oncologists “do the chemo” yet the purported #’s and charts indicate chemo will not dramatically change the outcome of quantity of life & quality of life!!
Your thoughts on this very rare circumstance is most welcome

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New information is always becoming available and impacts physician thinking. On the other hand old habits die slowly and some doctors don't stay up to date. I find it useful to ask the oncologist 3 simple questions which they should be able to answer. 1. What is the goal of treatment? Is it to cure the cancer, prolong survival, reduce symptoms?
2. How does the proposed treatment compare to not receiving treatment or other potential treatments? Your doctor should be able to quantify how much the proposed therapy will improve your outcome.
3. What is the role of clinical trials? Can participation in a trial offer a better outcome than the recommended treatment?

Remember it's your decision...but treatment of early stage pancreatic cancer does improve outcomes. https://news.cancerconnect.com/pancreatic-cancer/treatment-of-stages-i-ii-pancreatic-cancer-a19I-OV9y0u1kDmwPBp4lA

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