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What is Foundation One?

Cancer is a disease of the genome and genomic profiling of every patient’s cancer at the start of their treatment journey will improve access to precision cancer medicines and immunotherapy treatment choices.

The Foundation One Liquid can identify circulating tumour DNA in the blood of people living with cancer and can identify 70 of the most commonly mutated genes in solid tumours, including microsatellite instability, a genomic signature which may help inform cancer immunotherapy based treatment decisions. Foundation One Liquid is a liquid biopsy circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) test that complements Foundation One CDx, a tissue-based test. The blood sample is sent to a Foundation Medicine lab where the test is performed using next generation sequencing to analyze the four main classes of genomic alterations as well as microsatellite instability, an indicator that may help inform immunotherapy treatment decisions using ctDNA isolated from plasma derived from peripheral whole blood. Foundation One Liquid meets a compelling need for comprehensive genomic profiling for people who have insufficient or inadequate tissue, including those with advanced non-small cell lung cancer, where an estimated 15% of patients are not eligible for tissue biopsy.

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