Being seen by a physician that is both an expert in a specific condition and getting a second opinion from that physician are often essential to get the best care.

Who Should Get A Second Opinion?

David Wallace has created a page on PV Reporter covering MPN Specialists throughout the United States. This list has been reviewed by a MPN expert and each additional specialist added has been carefully vetted. A patient recently asked me “what is the difference between your list and another one I found that has far more doctors?” I explained, the other list is patient recommend and carries far less value and credibility. The reason is that many patients do not even understand what a true MPN specialist is. Many see their local hematologist or oncologist and think he/she is a MPN specialist because this is the only doctor they have ever seen that will discuss PV, ET or MF with them and treat to the best of their ability. That is the reason the list has far more doctors.

Here is the “Doctor Reviewed” MPN Specialist page

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