Wellness Kitchen: Peach Pomegranate Smoothie

Certified nutritionist and author of the Cancer Nutrition Center Handbook, Carolyn Katzin, makes a delicious Peachy Pomegranate Smoothie.  Carolyn is also the creator of The DNA Diet.

CAROLYN KATZIN: Smoothies are a really, really good idea because they help to get protein and calories without really feeling that you’re having to eat a meal. Now you can be really creative with smoothies and in fact, I have about 22 different recipes that I use but this one I call Peachy Pomegranate.


2 Tablespoons vanilla protein powder

2 ounces frozen peaches (or 1 fresh peach, peeled and sliced)

6 fluid ounces skim milk

1 fluid ounce pomegranate and berry juice

So this particular one I’m going to use milk as the base. This is low-fat milk and again, you could use lactose, the lactaid milk, which is lactose free, and this all depends on how your digestive system is or the person you’re making this for.

We put the milk in first and then following that I’m going to take the frozen peaches. I took this right from the freezer. You don’t want to leave this at room temperature otherwise they’ll thaw and I’m going to take a good spoonful, that’s approximately one peach.

And then for color I’m going to use a pomegranate juice and this one actually has some berry in it so that should give it a little bit more sweetness. Sometimes pomegranates are a little bit tart. And I’m just going to guestimate this, I may add more later.

Now this protein powder I’m going to use has extra nutrients in it. It has vitamins, minerals, trace elements and it’s all prepared actually be a meal replacement. Some protein powders don’t have nutrients in them, they’re just the basic whey protein but I’m using one here that has the extra nutrients and yet it’s also very tasty, flavorful, and easy to digest.

We’re going to be getting probably 20 grams of protein in the end.

I think it could do with a little bit more color. Now I think we should get a good berry type of color.

And then we’re going to put that in a nice glass and garnish it with a little piece of berry or some fruit on the edge of the glass.

To your health!

[End of recording.]
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