Talking with Kids About Mom’s Hair Loss

Dr. Denise Yardley from the Sarah Cannon Research Institute explains the importance of talking to children about mom’s hair loss.


Denise Yardley, M.D., Sarah Cannon Research Institute

I think, again, it’s a little bit of peer pressure for, depending on the age of the child, of what your mommy and daddy look like to the public and to their friends. And so for many parents, picking up and dropping off children at school and being at school functions – it’s very important to have a wig or some alternative to help cover their scalp. And I think it just really helps address that peer pressure impact on children. The home circumstance, most children are really comfortable and they have games and color, you know, on scalps and make fun of it, but I think, again, to the public and the peer pressure from that makes it a little bit more of an entity for many of the moms.

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