March is Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month: Learn About Recent Advances

There are several recent advances of note in the management of all stages of Multiple Myeloma.

Smoldering myeloma is considered to be a pre-cancerous condition, in which patients do not yet display any symptoms of multiple myeloma, but are at a high risk of progressing to multiple myeloma. The standard approach for smoldering myeloma has been observation.  Now doctors have reported that a treatment combination consisting of Revlimid plus dexamethasone during smoldering myeloma appears to significantly improve long-term outcomes for patients. Patients with smoldering myeloma should schedule time with their physician to discuss their implications as a result of this new data.

A large, comparative, phase III HOVON clinical trial has again confirmed that upfront autologous stem cell transplantation (ASCT) should remain the treatment of choice in younger patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma and studies now demonstrate that the proteasome inhibitor Kyprolis appears superior to Velcade; Kyprolis treated patients lived twice as long without a worsening of disease compared with Velcade in a pivotal clinical trial.

New treatment options continue to evolve: CAR-T, or chimeric antigen receptor T-cells, is a new form of cancer immunotherapy in which a patient’s own T cells are removed and then engineered to identify and kill malignant multiple myeloma cells. The use of a patient’s own immune cells to fight cancer is proving to be a promising therapeutic approach and data on several other novel therapeutics were presented at ASH in December.

CancerConnect News coverage of advances in the management of Multiple Myeloma included the following key developments:

Advancements in Treatment-Multiple Myeloma Research News

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