VaginalCancer News


VaginalCancer News

Cancer treatment quackery fuels concern among doctors, FDA (July 8, 2015)

Be wary of possible side effects, drug interactions when using alternative health supplements, physicians caution One potentially fake cancer drug sold online can actually cause malignancies. One enema... Continue Reading

Jakafi® Appears Safe and Effective in Long-Term Disease Control in Polycythemia Vera (July 7, 2015)

In patients with polycythemia vera (PV), the drug Jakafi® (ruxolitinib) can help control disease at least one year. These findings were presented at the 20th Congress of the European Hematology Association... Continue Reading

Lifestyle and Cancer: Can Diet and Exercise Make a Difference? Join us on August 4th! (July 6, 2015)

Exercise and Good Nutrition During and After Cancer Treatment: Your Questions Answered! August 4th, 6:30-7:30 PM, EST Tune in here. Can diet and exercise make a difference in your health and well being... Continue Reading

Breast cancer treatment with fewer potential side effects has equally good patient outcomes, UCLA study shows (July 2, 2015)

A new study by UCLA scientists has found that women diagnosed with breast cancer and treated with a one-week regimen of partial breast radiation after the surgical removal of the tumor, or lumpectomy,... Continue Reading

New Drug Combination Boosts Survival in Advanced Stomach and Esophageal Cancers (July 1, 2015)

Patients whose metastatic stomach or esophageal cancers were driven by a mutated HER2 gene had markedly improved response rates and survival when bevacizumab (Avastin) was added to a standard drug combination.... Continue Reading

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