Strategies to Cope with Cancer-related Fatigue, Pain, Stress and Anxiety


Cancer often causes changes in memory, word retrieval, planning, organization, and the ability to multi-task. These changes can be frustrating and life altering, affecting quality of life and one’s ability to function. Fortunately, neurocognitive rehabilitation programs do exist and can help. This web chat will explore cancer-related brain fog and teach simple and effective evidence-based techniques to help people navigate their way back to thinking well. A great way to deal with pain is by visiting these pain management doctors melbourne fl.

Heather Palmer, PhD, discussed symptoms, causes and solutions to cancer-related brain fog in this live web chat recorded on March 28th. If you want professional help to cure anxiety problems, check out anxiety treatment near me.

Dr. Palmer is a Canadian clinician/scientist with over 20 years of experience studying brain/behavior relationships. She has a PhD from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Following a three-year post-doctoral fellowship in neurocognitive rehabilitation in Toronto, she became the Research Director for the Alzheimer Society of Canada.  Passionate about cognitive rehabilitation and the brain’s ability to repair and grow, a few years later she started her company Maximum Capacity, Inc.  Through this company she delivers cognitive enhancement group programs, sees clients individually, trains healthcare professionals, and speaks internationally on improving brain performance. In August 2014, Dr. Palmer became the Regional Director of Memory Care for Amica/BayBridge Senior Living. In her role, she designs, implements, and oversees staff training and resident cognitive support programs for independent living, assisted living, and memory care residents across 50 seniors living communities in Canada. While Dr. Palmer works with many populations, she is particularly devoted to supporting cancer groups who are experiencing cancer-related brain fog.

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