Counsyl Announces Major Oncology Expansion to Advance Genetic Screening for Cancer Risk

Counsyl launches oncology business unit, an expanded test to assess risk for inherited forms of cancer, and tools to improve […]

Aspirin Continues to Look Promising for Cancer Prevention

A combined analysis of 51 randomized trials found that daily aspirin use reduces the risk of new cancer diagnoses as […]

Lynch Syndrome Also Linked with Breast and Pancreatic Cancer

A study of families with Lynch Syndrome has expanded the list of cancers related to the condition: carriers of a […]

Stay on Top of Your Family History of Cancer

People who are at high risk of cancer as a result of their family history may be advised to undergo […]

Fewer Lung Cancer Deaths Among Women

The lung cancer death rate among women appears to be declining for the first time in 40 years, according to […]

Aspirin May Protect Against Several Cancer Types

Daily use of aspirin may reduce the risk of death from several common cancers, including lung, colorectal, and esophageal cancers. […]

High Circulating Vitamin D Levels Don’t Reduce Risk of Less Common Cancers

High levels of vitamin D in the bloodstream do not appear to reduce the risk of seven less common cancers: […]

Excess Body Weight Linked with More Than 100,000 New Cancer Diagnoses Each Year in U.S.

According to estimates from the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), excess body weight may be responsible for more than 100,000 new cancer diagnoses each year in the United States.

November Is National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

As the month of November brings pancreatic cancer into focus, it’s time to increase public understanding of the disease, including its prevalence, approaches to screening and prevention, treatment options, and resources that offer updated pancreatic cancer information throughout the year.