Extensive Lung Cancer - Small Cell

Keytruda® Active in Small Cell Lung Cancer (December 28, 2016)

Recently updated findings from the phase 1b KEYNOTE-028 study investigating the use of Keytruda® (pembrolizumab) in small cell lung cancer (SCLC) were recently presented at the 17th World Conference... Continue Reading

Lung Cancer Advances: Precision Medicine and Immunotherapy Make a Difference (March 1, 2016)

Precision medicine continues to impact the lives of lung cancer patients with research into genomics and genetics leading to unprecedented progress in improving outcomes. Tailored treatments have emerged... Continue Reading

16th World Conference on Lung Cancer Expected to Highlight Advances in Precision Medicine (September 6, 2015)

Today, September 6, the 16th World Conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC) begins in Denver, Colorado. The WCLC is the world’s largest meeting dedicated to lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies. More... Continue Reading

Sutent® Maintenance Therapy Found Active in Small-Cell Lung Cancer (March 17, 2015)

Cancer Connect: Doctors have reported that maintenance therapy using Sutent® (sunitinib) delays the time to cancer progression and improves survival in patients with extensive-stage small-cell lung cancer... Continue Reading

NFCR-Support Research Finds New Way to Combat Resistant Lung Cancer (February 11, 2015)

A team of researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital has developed a new platform that can rapidly identify effective drug combinations for lung cancer patients whose tumors have stopped responding... Continue Reading

Advanced Squamous Cell Lung Cancer: The Lung-MAP Trial (January 13, 2015)

The cancer research community is moving forward in its efforts find more effective treatment for patients with lung cancer. Current clinical trials are taking innovative approaches to how therapies for... Continue Reading

Innovative Clinical Trials for Lung Cancer Currently Underway (January 7, 2015)

The cancer research community is moving forward in its efforts find more effective treatment for patients with lung cancer. Current clinical trials are taking innovative approaches to how therapies for... Continue Reading

5 Things Women Should Know about Lung Cancer (December 3, 2014)

By Christina S. Baik, MD, MPH Assistant Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine Assistant Member, Clinical Research Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center 1. Smoking causes the... Continue Reading

National Lung Cancer Awareness Month on CancerConnect (November 7, 2014)

November 7, 2014 Sun Valley, ID & Fort Worth, TX—OMNI Health Media (OMNI) announces the launch of lung cancer programs for national lung cancer awareness month. As the month of November brings lung... Continue Reading

Chest Radiation Improves Survival in Extended-Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer (November 4, 2014)

The results of a recently reported clinical study at the 56th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) in San Francisco demonstrate that thoracic radiation improves survival... Continue Reading

Xgeva Improves Survival Over Zometa in Advanced Lung Cancer (November 28, 2012)

Patients with advanced lung cancer experienced modest improvement in survival when they received bone-targeted therapy with Xgeva® (denosumab) instead of Zometa® (zoledronic acid), according to the results... Continue Reading

Factors Affecting Quality of Life at the End of Life (July 20, 2012)

For people with advanced cancer, quality of life at the end of life—sometimes referred to as “a good death”—may have less to do with medical treatment and more to do with a therapeutic alliance... Continue Reading

Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation May Improve Survival in Small Cell Lung Cancer (June 14, 2011)

Radiation to the brain prior to detectable spread of cancer to the brain improved survival in patients with both early- and late-stage small cell lung cancer. These results were recently presented at the... Continue Reading

Some Patients with Advanced Cancer Continue Screening (October 22, 2010)

A significant proportion of patients with advanced cancers continue to undergo cancer screening, even though screening is unlikely to benefit these patients. These findings were recently reported in the... Continue Reading

Depression May Persist With Metastatic Cancer (May 27, 2010)

A substantial number of patients with metastatic cancer may suffer from depression which tends to persist and grow more severe toward the end of life, according to the results of a study published early... Continue Reading

Most Survivors of Lung and Colorectal Cancer Keep Their Jobs (April 14, 2010)

Among people diagnosed with nonmetastatic lung or colorectal cancer, the majority return to work, according to a study recently published in Journal of Clinical Oncology. Those who do leave the workforce... Continue Reading

November Is National Lung Cancer Awareness Month (November 4, 2009)

As the month of November brings lung cancer into focus, it’s time to increase public understanding of the disease, including its prevalence, approaches to screening and prevention, treatment options,... Continue Reading

Thalidomide Doesn’t Benefit Patients with Small Cell Lung Cancer (July 22, 2009)

Treatment with a combination of thalidomide and chemotherapy did not improve survival among patients with small cell lung cancer, and resulted in a higher risk of blood clots than treatment with chemotherapy... Continue Reading

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