Survivorship and Advocacy

The MPN Heroes™ Recognition Program: Building a Community of Champions

  A key part of living with a chronic illness, like a myeloproliferative neoplasm (MPN), is staying informed and connected with others. Three common MPNs are myelofibrosis (MF), polycythemia vera... Continue Reading

Shore Prostate Web Chat Sidebar Video

Cynthia Manley from Vanderbilt University Ingram Cancer Center talks about Social Media and how it is helping cancer patients, their caregivers, friends and family.  Read More →

Jonny Imerman: Testicular Cancer Survivor

Imerman’s Angels founder, Jonny Imerman, talks about the warning signs of testicular cancer and what you should look for. Jonny Imerman, Founder, Imerman Angels & Testicular Cancer Survivor:... Continue Reading

Jonny Imerman: Male Fertility

Imerman’s Angels founder, Jonny Imerman, talks about male fertility issues. Jonny Imerman, Founder, Imerman Angels & Testicular Cancer Survivor: If you’re going to remove a testicle and then... Continue Reading

Danielle Tindle: Coping with Permanent Hair Loss

Danielle Tindle discusses her permanent hair loss that resulted from one chemotherapy drug. Danielle Tindle, Queensland Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Services So, as a result of my cancer experience... Continue Reading

Janet Wagner: Cervical Cancer Survivor

Two-time cervical cancer survivor ,Janet Wagner is the head of the San Antonio chapter of the National Cervical Cancer Coalition. JANET WAGNER, National Cervical Cancer Coalition, San Antonio From when... Continue Reading

Matthew Zachary: Pediatric Brain Cancer Survivor

Matthew Zachary is the founder of the I’m Too Young For This Foundation, the only advocacy group working exclusively on behalf of cancer survivors and caregivers under the age of 40. MATTHEW ZACHARY,... Continue Reading

Michelle Whitlock: Cervical Cancer Survivor

Michelle Whitlock, cervical cancer survivor and Director of the Mid-South Chapter of the National Cervical Cancer Coalition, discusses her battle with cervical cancer and what she learned about fertility... Continue Reading

The National Cervical Cancer Coalition Raises Awareness

January is National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month and the National Cervical Cancer Coalition raises awareness and offers support. SARINA ARAUJO, Executive Director, National Cervical Cancer Coalition:... Continue Reading

Donna Karan and her Urban Zen Initiative

Donna Karan and the staff at Beth Israel discuss their Urban Zen Initiative. NARRATOR: For decades, the name Donna Karan has been synonymous with high energy and high fashion. But her current passion is... Continue Reading

Laura Ingraham: Breast Cancer Survivor

Radio talk show host, Laura Ingraham, sits down with Stacey Gualandi on her Power to the People book tour. LAURA INGRAHAM: Thank you. Thanks for being here. Thanks for helping me. ANNOUNCER: As she traveled... Continue Reading

Arnold Palmer: Prostate Cancer Survivor

Arnold Palmer talks with host Stacey Gualandi about his battle with prostate cancer. ARNOLD PALMER: I certainly have a respect – I suppose is the best thing to say about cancer and talking about... Continue Reading

Katherine Phillion: Kidney Cancer Survivor

Profile of Katherine Phillion who was diagnosed with kidney cancer as a young adult at age 32.  Active on Capitol Hill and with the Kidney Cancer Association, Katherine is a patient advocate who resides... Continue Reading

Mr. T: T-Cell Lymphoma Survivor

Mr. T tells the story of his battle with T-Cell Lymphoma and how he chose to fight. HOST, STACEY GUALANDI: How are you feeling? MR. T: I’m really feeling good. So like James Brown said, “I’m feeling... Continue Reading

Patrick Byrne: Testicular Cancer Survivor

Founder and CEO of, Patrick Byrne, discusses his three battles with cancer and his dream for the future. PATRICK BYRNE: The only sin is not going down swinging. It’s okay to lose; it’s... Continue Reading

Tom Batiuk: Prostate Cancer Survivor

In-depth interview with cartoonist Tom Batiuk and a look at his award winning cancer cartoon, Lisa’s Story. Tom Batiuk: I am a syndicated cartoonist. I do two comic strips – Funky Winkerbean... Continue Reading

Susan G. Komen: Fashion for a Cure

A profile of Susan G. Komen Fashion for a Cure event and all of the amazing work Susan G. Komen does around the world. ANNOUNCER: In 1982, Nancy Brinker promised her sister that she would do everything... Continue Reading

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