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Chemotherapy for Older Patients: What You Should Know About the Risk of Infection

As you may already know, chemotherapy works by attacking the rapidly dividing cells it finds in the body, particularly cancer cells because they multiply quickly. However, chemotherapy can’t differentiate... Continue Reading

It’s Not Just a Little Fever: Preventing Infection during Therapy for Lymphoma

Many cancer patients are at an increased risk of infection because of their low levels of infection-fighting white blood cells, a condition called neutropenia. The most common reason that cancer patients... Continue Reading

Patient Action to Prevent Infection During Treatment for Cancer

Most patients would prefer to prevent infection rather than having to deal with its results. Your first line of defense should always be prevention. Below are some simple but effective steps to avoid infection: Always... Continue Reading

Successful Treatment Means Staying on Schedule

In order to receive the best possible benefit from your cancer therapy, it is important to follow your treatment as your doctor has prescribed. Even if you’re not able to visit your regular treatment... Continue Reading

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