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Know Your Rights

There are things you can do if your health plan won’t pay for your medical treatment or delays your care. Health insurance companies can take a number of steps to control their costs. This can mean... Continue Reading

A Life Insurance Line of Credit

Cancer treatment, especially over an extended period, can be extremely costly. You and your family may feel as though you’ve exhausted your financial resources. Options, however, do exist to help cover... Continue Reading

Advice for Employees with Cancer

Working Through Treatment Work life doesn’t stop once you have been diagnosed with cancer. Many people have to—and want to—work during and after treatment. If you plan to continue working while undergoing... Continue Reading

Illness and Disability: Know your Rights and Options

State-, federal-, and employment-sponsored programs exist to assist you if you are unable to work. By Patient Advocate Foundation If you are facing serious illnesses and the inability to continue working,... Continue Reading

Financial and Insurance Issues: Getting Started

Financial and insurance issues can be stressful and confusing for you and your caregivers. It is important to create an organized system for managing this aspect of cancer care. By educating yourself about... Continue Reading

Looking Beyond State and Federal Programs for Medical Expense Assistance

Hospital and pharmaceutical initiatives all exist to help cover your costs. Read on to learn how you can find the resources you need. By Donna Sternberg, RN, OCN, Vice President of Patient Services; and... Continue Reading

Clinical Trials and Insurance: Understanding Your Coverage

Currently, a very small percentage of eligible patients actually participate in clinical trials, research studies required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to prove safety and efficacy of new medications. ... Continue Reading

Your Insurance: Defining the Explanation of Benefit

An explanation of benefit (EOB) provides important information about particular health claims that have been processed. You receive an EOB whenever you or your healthcare provider files a claim and your... Continue Reading

Insurance 101: What You Need to Know About Your Insurance Plan

“We do not have a good system of education for understanding insurance in this country,” Nancy says. And, unfortunately, most people aren’t concerned with the cancer benefits offered by their insurance... Continue Reading

Understanding Your Insurance Plan: Usual, Customary and Reasonable Charges

Usual, Customary and Reasonable (UCR) rates are used by insurance companies to determine what amount of a medical bill the insurance plan will cover. UCR rates are determined by geographic region and the... Continue Reading

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