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The daily anal cancer news is a unique cancer news service that evaluates all aspects of anal cancer research and reports on the developments that are most important to cancer patients and health care providers. The daily cancer news provides information about emerging options for anal cancer prevention, early detection and anal cancer treatment, as well as advances in supportive care and personalized medicine. Supportive care improves quality of life by making anal cancer treatment more tolerable, and personalized medicine offers the potential for improved treatment outcomes by using specific characteristics of the patient or the cancer to guide cancer treatment decisions. In addition, interested individuals can search the Cancer Consultants Anal Cancer News Archives to find the results of the cancer studies that led to the care they have been offered.


Recent Anal Cancer Tips

Understanding Osteonecrosis of the Jaw

Cancer and its treatment can come with a variety of complications, some more serious than others. What Is Osteonecrosis of the Jaw? Osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) is a severe bone disease that occurs when... Continue Reading

Advanced Directives

Living Wills Every competent adult has, in most cases, the freedom to accept or refuse medical treatment. When you are well, you can talk with your physician and family and make your wishes known. However,... Continue Reading


What is Caregiving and Who are Caregivers? Caregivers are individuals who provide care to chronically ill or disabled family members or friends. It is estimated that more than one quarter of the adult... Continue Reading

Men, Fertility, and Cancer

Men who confront a cancer diagnosis before beginning or completing their families may have many questions about how cancer treatment will affect their ability to have children in the future. The good news... Continue Reading

Anemia: A Manageable Side Effect Anal Cancer

Anemia, one of the most common side effects associated with cancer, affects over 60 percent of cancer patients. Anemia may occur as either a direct result of the cancer or, more commonly, as a side effect... Continue Reading

Coping with Taste Changes

If you’re undergoing chemotherapy, biologic therapy, or radiation to the head or neck area, one of the side effects you may experience is a change in how things taste. While this may seem like a minor... Continue Reading

Chemotherapy for Older Patients: What You Should Know About the Risk of Infection

As you may already know, chemotherapy works by attacking the rapidly dividing cells it finds in the body, particularly cancer cells because they multiply quickly. However, chemotherapy can’t differentiate... Continue Reading

For Men: 15 Symptoms That Could Be Cancer

Men tend to be less likely than women to visit their doctors—even when they experience a suspicious to change to their bodies or health. This is a risky behavior, especially when it comes to cancer.... Continue Reading

Know the Signs of Depression in Cancer Patients

Because a significant number of cancer patients—an estimated 25 percent—experience major depression at some point during their illness, recognizing the signs of depression among patients is a critical... Continue Reading

News or Nonsense?

Health news can at times be misleading and confusing, but by thinking critically about media reports and understanding some basic principles behind research, you can be a savvy news consumer. By Barbara... Continue Reading

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