Amy Gibson
Emmy Nominated Soap Opera Star – Author – Cancer Hair Loss Expert  Female Hair Loss Consultant – Alopecia Activist – National Hair Loss Spokesperson Innovative Wig Designer

Referred to in the Los Angeles Daily News as “a woman on a crusade”, it is Ms. Gibson’s innovative and resilient spirit that led her to find solutions in her own life after losing her hair at the tender age of 13 1/2 while beginning a successful 20+years of starring television roles, which has resulted in her creating and providing many beautiful and elegant wig solutions for the expanding hair loss market.

She created  an International Wig line with her design of the First Women’s Swim Wig with CyberHair, and now offers the innovative Active Solution: The Water Wig™, which looks, feels and moves just like human hair.

The most important thing to any woman wearing hair is her discretion. She doesn’t want to anyone to know she is wearing a wig. Up to now, there have only been obvious wig boxes and see through plastic baggies to carry their hair in that scream “I’m wearing a wig!”  Amy’s most recent creation solves this problem;  The ResQ Bag® ~ The ONLY Sexy Carryall for Wigs and Extensions solves this need. Along with the stylish Mini ResQ Bag® included to hold their wig are 12 Comfort Care Accessories to care for their hair and help be prepared for an wig emergency.  No other product of this nature exists in the hair replacement, extensions, fashion wigs or accessory market.

Amy Gibson brings her unique brand of beauty, elegance and support to any woman she works with going through the hair loss experience for whatever reason, only to remind them that “We’re More Than Just Hair.”

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